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Angel Armies

A supernatural thriller

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Guardians of the Chosen

Release date: 12/12/23

Interlocking lives. One extraordinary adventure.

Guardians of the Chosen (Angel Armies). A community torn between the very different worlds of good and evil.

Amid danger, violence, and fierce battles, three very special children, The Chosen, fight an invisible war, that demands their courage and endurance.

They become the key to unexpected, miraculous encounters, embracing hope and love, giving a vivid portrayal of the power of redemption.

D.C. Robin (Robin Daniel Chellaswamy) started his journey in 2003 when he and his wife Divya moved from their homeland India to Scotland to start life in the UK. Robin was at the point of wanting to take his own life but instead gave God a chance to prove Himself.

Later, Robin attended Charis Bible College where he learnt more about his Papa God. This strengthened the connection he had with God and led to a fruitful relationship. Robin has ministered in the nations of India and Bulgaria spreading the message of Hope and Love.

Now a father of 6, Robin wrote this book based on the bedtime stories he would tell his children. In this book, two characters, Sam and Tommy, are inspired by Robin's two eldest boys.



D.C. Rose (Donna-Rose Carter) was born-again in Cambridge, England aged 24 and now lives in the West Midlands. After graduating from Charis Bible College, Rose asked the Lord what her purpose was and He replied, “To Write”.

Initially, Rose sowed seed into this area by helping other Christian authors with proof reading and editing.

It was on a mission trip to Czech Republic where the Lord gave Donna the name "Rose". Since then she has been known as Donna-Rose. She has also been on a mission trip to India with fellow author Robin and his family.


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